Vermont Mental Health Peer Certification Development Stakeholder Meetings


The Vermont Department of Mental Health (DMH) has partnered with the Peer Workforce Development Initiative (PWDI) to identify a model and develop an implementation plan for mental health peer support worker credentialing in Vermont.

PWDI is facilitating a series of stakeholder meetings to review expert consultant Wilda White’s analysis of US and Canadian efforts to promote and expand mental health peer support worker workforce capacity through a certification program.

Wilda White will be overseeing these stakeholder meetings. DMH will participate in these meetings along with representatives from other Vermont stakeholders including service users and their families; peer support workers; staff from community mental health programs, hospitals, and peer-run service organizations; family networks and organizations; the recovery community and mental health advocates; private insurers; and staff from other State agencies.

Recommendations from these meetings will be compiled by Wilda White for use in developing a peer credentialing process in Vermont.

Overview of Meetings

Wilda L. White Consulting is facilitating a series of six meetings to receive comments, questions, ideas, and concerns about implementing a statewide mental health peer support worker certification program in the State of Vermont.

Meeting Dates

Every other Friday, beginning September 9, 2002, and ending November 21, 2022

•  Friday, September 9, 2022

•  Friday, September 23, 2022

•  Friday, October 7, 2022

•  Friday, October 21, 2022

•  Friday, November 7, 2022

•  Friday, November 21, 2022

Meeting Time 11 AM to 12 PM
Meeting Location Via Zoom
Meeting Registration Click here to register for Zoom meetings

Meeting Topics and Materials

Each meeting will be recorded, and the recordings, PowerPoint Slide Decks, and any post-meeting surveys will be posted below and emailed to everyone who registered for the meetings.

Post-meeting surveys are intended to give people who did not attend the meeting an opportunity to comment and share ideas and to allow those who attended the meeting to elaborate on their ideas, questions, and concerns.

Meeting Number Meeting Date Meeting Topic and Purpose Video Recording PowerPoint Slide Deck Post-Meeting Survey
1 9/9/2022

Overview of mental health peer specialist certification program.

The purpose of the meeting is to educate stakeholders about peer certification programs in other states, the terminology used, and how programs in other states are structured

Meeting One Video Recording Meeting One PowerPoint Slide Deck Not Applicable
2 9/23/2022

Peer support, peer support services, and assessment-based versus professional certification program

The purpose of the meeting is to solicit input on the definition of peer support and peer support services and whether Vermont should adopt an assessment-based certification program or a professional certification program.

Meeting Two Video Recording Meeting Two PowerPoint Slide Deck Post-Meeting Two Survey
3 10/7/2022


The purpose of the meeting is to solicit input on the minimum standards that an applicant must meet before applying for certification and creating a process to determine whether those minimum standards have been met.

Meeting Three Video Recording Meeting Three PowerPoint Slide Deck Post-Meeting Three Survey
4 10/21/2022


The purpose of the meeting is to solicit input on required competencies, training length, approved training vendors, fees, and types of certifications to be offered (e.g., veterans, gender identity, sexual orientation, forensic, whole health, peer support supervision, family peer specialist, substance use recovery, etc.)

Meeting Four Video Recording Meeting Four PowerPoint Slide Deck Post-Meeting Four Survey
5 11/4/2022


The purpose of the meeting is to solicit input on the process for certifying whether the applicant has met the requirements for certification. Sub-topics include the type of certifying body; re-certification; continuing education; reciprocity; grandfathering of current peer support specialists; fees; and investigation and revocation..

Meeting Five Video Recording Meeting Five PowerPoint Slide Deck

Post-Meeting Five Survey

Post-Meeting Five Zoom Poll

6 11/18/2022

Integration into the continuum of care

The purpose of the meeting is to solicit input on what steps will be necessary to incorporate peer support specialists into the continuum of care.

Meeting Six Video Recording Meeting Six PowerPoint Slide Deck Post-Meeting Six Survey


For Further Information

Please contact Wilda L. White at [email protected] or (802) 770-4050